Past Tense in Hindi Grammar

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➤अगर वाक्य में Yesterday, Ago, Before, Last, Previous तथा Past का कोई भी शब्द  आये तो Past Simple Tense होता हैं, इस Tense में हमेशा ही VII Form का Use किया जाता हैं 

✪ Example
➮ I Saw My Friends 5 Day Ago.
➮ India Got Freedom In 1947.
➮ She Didn’t Invite Me To Her Party Yesterday.

✤  Past Simple में वाक्य नकारात्मक होने पर Did’nt + M.V. की I Form का Use किया जाता हैं 

✪ Example
➮ Last Night We Did’nt Watch a Horror Movie In Cinema.

➥अगर वाक्य में Those Day, That Time, That Moment Etc. दिये हो तो Past Continous Tense होता हैं तथा इस Tense में Was/Were + ing का Use होता हैं 

✪ Example

➮ He And I Were Living In Sri Ganganagar Those Day.
➮ Sunita Was Going Through English Newspaper At that Moment.

➥अगर वाक्य के  बीच में Before तथा After  दिया हो तो एक तरफ Past Perfect अर्थात Had +VIII तथा दूसरी तरफ Past Simple अर्थात M.V की II Form का Use किया जाता हैं 

► M.VII ( Past Simple ) + After + Had + M.VIII ( Past Perfect ) 

✪ Example
➮ I Taught Him a Lession After I Had Taken Tea.

Had + M.VIII ( Past Perfect ) + Before + M.VII ( Past Simple )

✪ Example
➮ The Patient Had Did Before The Doctar Came.

➥अगर वाक्य के  बीच में When तथा While दिया हो तो एक तरफ Past Continous अर्थात Was / Were + ing तथा दूसरी तरफ Past Simple अर्थात M.V की II Form का Use किया जाता हैं 

►Was / Were + ing ( Past Continous ) + When + M.VII ( Past Simple )

✪ Example
➮ Anita Was Taking Siesta When I Went There.

M.VII ( Past Simple ) + While + Was / Were + ing ( Past Continous ) 

✪ Example
➮ I Saw a Snake While I Was Crossing The Road.

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