PRESENT TENSE In Hindi Grammar

Present Simple :-  VI+s/es

    जिन वाक्यो में Generally, Basiclly, Daily, Uselly, Always, Accasionly, Sometime, Hardlly, Rarelly, Scarely, Seldoan, Rather, Never, Every, Often, Regularly, etc. 
    शब्द दिये हो तो Present Simple Tense होता हैं और इस Tense में M.VI Form तथा VI+s/es का Use होता हैं 
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    1. Uselly Mahesh And Sonam Don’t Work Hard to Pass This Exam.
    2. Dr. Ramesh Always Teach The Student Well.

    Present  Continous :- is/ am/ are +VI+ing

      जिन वाक्यो में Now, Now-a-Day, At This Time, At This Moment, Today, These Day शब्द दिये हो तो Present Continous Tense होता हैं


       1. I Go Through News Pepar At This Time

       2. Now a Day Reena Is Geeting (Get) Very Well At English
       3. These Day Corruption is Increasing In India Rapidly.

      Present  Perfect:- has/have+VIII

        जिन वाक्यो में Just, Yet, Already, Recently, Sofar शब्द दिये हो तो Present Perfect Tense होता हैं


        1. He Has Just Gone Out.
        2. He Has Not Taken Food Yet.
        3. What Have You Done Sofar.
        4. My Friend Has Submitted All Document But Authorites Have Not Taken Any action Sofar.

        Present  Perfect Continous  :- has/have+been+VI+ing+since/for+time

        1. ऐसे कार्य जो बीते समय में शुरू हुए तथा अभी भी चल रहे हैं 
        2. यदि वाक्य में Since + Time Or For + Time हो तो 

        I/ Plural – Have Been + ing

        Singular – Has Been + ing

        1. I Have Been Teaching You For Three Month.
        2. I Have Been Living Here For a Month.
        Note– For का Use Period Of Time तथा Since का Use Point Of Time  के लिए होता हैं

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